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See Use and Preservation in New Jersey: A Beginner's Guide (
From: Jane & Dan Sent: Wednesday, July 4, 2012 12:04 AM

It is important to get someone to go to town hall and get copies of whatever the township has on this file. Also there will be a legal notice in your local paper. If you get a local paper, start reading. legal notices.

Wetland protection may be very important, depending on what category of wetlands you have, . Also there are guidelines for wildlife found on the property. That agency in the DEP might be able to check that out. State agencies are busy people and they have the whole state to deal with so they may not be able to help. . Then it is up to citizens to find and pay for their own experts. The other alternative is to have a very strong lawyer question the builder's experts.

As you can tell, I have been here before and been involved in many citizen cases. Each land use has its own personality. The fight for right is always a very difficult one.

Amanda Dey, PhD
Principal Zoologist
Endangered & Nongame Species Program
Division of Fish and Wildlife
NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection
8747 Ferry Road
Millville, NJ  08332

856.785.2711 (O)

Find wetlands at:
I had to use firefox or Internet Explorer, safari and chrome didn't work. Search - Enter address, zip click + by land, Then check Wetlands
Recreation and Open Space Inventory (ROSI):
In order to receive Green Acres assistance, a municipality must have an approved Open Space and Recreational Plan, including an updated ROSI as part of its Master Plan. The ROSI lists all the available deed-restricted land for recreation or conservation purposes within a municipality.
NJDEP Green Acres Program - Open Space Database (
You can search for Green Acres in your Municipality there.

Last updated 7/6/2012