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Job Description: Membership Chair

The Member Engagement Chair, who enjoys meeting people and going to social events, meets and welcomes new members and volunteers for the Chapter/Group. The Chair ensures that people are welcomed and engaged in a way that is satisfying and furthers the Chapter/Group’s mission.

  1. Administration (or delegate to Administrator on Team): Be the contact for member inquiries and responses; order all membership materials from National through Clubhouse; receives the monthly Chapter/Group change reports and sends welcome letters to new members; identifies and personally contacts select volunteers by phone; tracks attendance at new member events and at monthly “activity” or “program" meetings.

  2. Recruits new members and volunteers(or delegate to Recruiter on Team): recruits new members and volunteers through Chapter/Group newsletter, on the web using LinkShare, tabling events, outings, etc.; send out, or places in newsletter, volunteer survey and forward volunteer information on to the various sections in Chapter/Group; makes presentations at Chapter/Group meetings asking for volunteers.

  3. Member Engagement activities(or delegate to Events Coordinator on Team): Finds someone to create one or more monthly “activities” or “programs” that revolve around an issue of interest to them or the Chapter/Group.(ex. Like travelogue, a book club, restaurant club, etc.) Tracks the progress of these member engagement activities. Hold a new member welcome party each quarter.

  4. Publicity/Recruitment activities(or delegate to Publicity on Team): places invitations to member engagement activities in Chapter/Group newsletter and website; puts posters up in local outdoor and other appropriate stores to announce events; puts article in newsletter about member/volunteer events/parties; puts photos/article in local newspaper for larger events for the public; arranges for someone to do a summer series of tabling events; puts scheduled events in the local community calendar of events or pitch to local media for larger public events.

  5. Volunteer Coordination (need to delegate to Volunteer Coordinator on Team): Involve wider number of members and community support for the 1-2 new “activities” or programs created in #5 above. Keeps records of who came to volunteer and engagement events; manage correspondence and schedule;, creates volunteer awards and recognition program. Creates a program for the retention and upgrade of volunteer commitment.

  6. Develops and maintains historical data and procedures for member engagement programs for future planning and future member engagement chairs.

  7. Before leaving office, train your replacement and pass along all plans, results, and materials to your replacement.

Knowledge and Skill:

  • Enjoys meeting new people and going to social events.

  • Ability to interact effectively and pleasantly with public, volunteers, staff, and other outside organizations
    and to interact, motivate, and train volunteers.

  • Proficiency in email and Word processing. Experience with spreadsheets, a plus.

  • Demonstrated strong organizational skills.

  • Strong written and oral communication skills and good public speaking skills. Demonstrated ability to write.