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Job Description: Group Political Chair

Motivation, Direction, and Coordination of the Group Political Program
  • Coordinate group political functions and campaigns.
  • Oversee group political activities to ensure that all needed tasks are accomplished.

Delegation of Political-related Activities

  • Identify, recruit and engage volunteers interested in political activities.
  • Identify individual members' abilities and interests and assign tasks appropriately.
  • Train and assign volunteers to carry out political activities, and follow up assignments to be sure they are carried out.
  • Thank volunteers and provide other rewards (social activities, public recognition) to ensure repeat performances.
  • Challenge and encourage members to use their talents and skills to the maximum.
  • Report regularly on chapter political committee activities to the group chair and group executive committee.
  • Participate in identifying and supporting candidates for public office who are expected to best represent the goals of the Sierra Club on environmental issues and legislation.
  • Participate in assembling information on candidates through review of legislative records, questionnaires, interviews, past Sierra Club contact, assessment of the campaign, and information of members.
  • Participate in making recommendations and/or voting on proposed endorsements, other political action short of endorsement, and/or ballot measures.
  • Participate in preparing materials on federal candidates, and recommending endorsements or other activity to the chapter executive committee.
  • Participate in preparing materials on state level endorsements for presentation to the chapter executive committee for approval.
  • Participate in helping set priorities for chapter effort on endorsed campaigns and assisting in training other volunteers to participate effectively and coordinate with campaigns, and in all aspects of political action such as fund raising, door-to-door, press releases, etc.  
  • Local Group Chair
  • Chapter Political Chair
  • Ken Brame, Co-Chair, Sierra Club Poltical Team, (828) 683-2176
  • For general questions about voter education and the political program, contact