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Job Description: Environmental Education Leader

To help build an environmentally literate citizenry by working with local teachers, youth leaders, state government agencies, issue activists, and others.

The Sierra Club Environmental Education Leaders have as their goal to help build an environmentally literate citizenry through:
  • Developing a network with teachers and youth leaders to infuse environmental concepts into the curricula in schools and classrooms in their region.
  • Working with teachers, schools, districts and state education departments to evaluate curriculum material to be sure it is environmentally sound.
  • Working with state government to establish environment education proficiency standards.
  • Involving issue activists in the environmental education process as resources for presentation, evaluation of education material in their areas of expertise.
  • Promoting environmental education as an integral part of Club Conservation work.
  • Promoting local use of environmental education programs produced by or for the Sierra Club, i.e. John Muir Day Study Guide, the Club's Children's Book Series, and "Sierra Cubs," for example.
  • Recruiting and nurturing local committee members to assist with environmental education work.
  • Networking with other environmental education leaders to strengthen their collective effectiveness.

Note: It is to be understood that not all leaders will do all of these activities but that any and all of them do fall within the environmental education charge. It is expected that the leaders will do those things of which they are capable and have the energy to do. At this time there are some leaders doing all of the above activities.

  • Harold Wood, Chair of National Environmental Education Committee, (559) 739-8527