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Leader Positions

Typical leader positions for other groups. Click on the ? to get a job description
Positions Groups
Ocean Loan-
Centr Sky-
Group Chair x x x x x
Vice Chair ? x x x x
Conservation Chair ? x x x x x
Political Chair ? x x x x x
Membership ? x x x x x
Treasurer x x x
Secretary x x x x
Outings Chair ? x x x x
Outing Leader ?
Program Chair x x x x
Publicity Chair ? x x x x
Communications Chair ?
Webmaster ? x x x x
Outreach and Events x
Events x
Education x
Environmental Education
Coordinator ?
Fundraising chair x x x
Chapter ExCom Deligate x x
ExCom member at large ? x x x x x
Newsletter Editor ?
Others listed at National: Member Engagement Chair, Fundraising Chair, Grassroots Communications Chair, Publications Representative, Volunteer Coordinator, Training Coordinator.

Note: Groups are not limited to positions listed here.
Many groups have leaders for specific issues. e.g. Raritan River, Pinelands, Shore...

Source of descriptions: Leader Positions (
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Note: Many of the descriptions at clubhouse are Chapter rather than Group jobs.

Other Examples from active California Groups:
OR - Orange County Sierra Sage group of the Angeles Chapter
PL - Placer Group of the Motherlode chapter
MRN - Marin Group of the San Francisco Bay Chapter
LP - Loma Prieta Chapter

Chapter Leadership: Leaders,   Issues Coordinators 

Chair Vice Chair Secretary ExCom Deligate Outings Chair Member Engagement Chair Membership Team Fundraising Chair Political Chair Conservation Chair Legal Chair Environmental Education Leader Grassroots Communications Chair Webmaster Publicity Chair Treasurer You can click on the "?" next to the job names on the main page to get job descriptions. Last updated Feb. 1, 2014