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Development on BAVOSA dump in Scotch Plains - Edison
This is a dump off of Raritan Rd near the border of Scotch Plains and Edison.

Jane Tousman wrote:
"I was part of the League of Women Voters (LWV) who helped close this major disaster. Thankfully, it is still CLOSED. The dump I refer to is the BAVOSA dump of only about 7 acres. It is on the border of Scotch Plains and Edison.

I had borings done on the landfill when they last wanted to build on it. 6 houses are proposed. The surveyors have been on the property and left their sticks and ribbons in the ground. The dump was in its prime in the 50's. The DEP did not come into being until 1970. There are tons of methane which is both toxic and flammable. Also other goodies including arsenic.

There is also a stream which flows to the Robinson's through some of the property which is why the developer has gone to DEP to get a finding. No disruption permit as yet and no application before our land use boards. I will try to get a citizen group interested via flyers.

I have already gone to the Council and Planning Bd. and left a file with them as well as the fact that I do NOT want building. We shall see what we shall see."

Last updated 2/6/2014