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Judith Enck an Excellent Choice for EPA Regional Administrator

Date : Fri, 06 Nov 2009 10:18:11 -0500

For Immediate Release
November 5, 2009 Contact: Jeff Tittel, 609-558-9100

Judith Enck an Excellent Choice for EPA Regional Administrator

The White House has just announced it is appointing Judith Enck, New York Deputy Secretary for the Environment, as EPA Administrator for Region 2. The NJ Sierra Club applauds this appointment and thinks Enck is an excellent choice.

The Sierra Club has a long history working with Enck on many issues from toxic cleanups to global warming. She has a strong environmental background and will make an excellent Region 2 Administrator.

Enck has a strong environmental record. She was involved in forcing the DEP to clean up PCBs in the Hudson River, which directly affected New Jersey. She worked on helping to set up RGGI, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. She has been critical in cleaning up toxic sites from Long Island to the Canadian border.

"I strongly believe there is no better person than Judith Enck to head up Region 2," NJ Sierra Club Director Jeff Tittel said. "She will bring her strong background in environmental regulations and a real commitment to protecting the environment. Judith is by far the most qualified candidate and has the integrity and knowledge to be Regional Administrator. We think it is critical at this time, given all the environmental problems New Jersey has, to have someone of her caliber to head Region 2."

"Given all the problems the DEP has with site remediation, the weakening of regulations, the legislature passing bad bills like permit extension and licensed site professionals, and Governor Corzine's budget cuts, it is a critical time to have a strong EPA Regional Administrator. With a new administration coming in that has not been tested, we must have an experienced EPA head. We think she is an excellent choice and will do a great job," Tittel said.

The Sierra Club strongly supported Judith Enck's appointment, as well as other environmental groups and environmentalists, including Pete Seeger, Lois Gibbs, Barry Commoner, and more than 120 others.

"She will give the proper oversight and strict attention to New Jersey's environmental programs," Tittel said. "We applaud Lisa Jackson and the Obama Administration for making such a great choice."

Kara Seymour, Program Assistant NJ Sierra Club

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