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Calendar Events

Apr 28 (Mon), 6:00 pm
Foodopoly - Discussion of the new book
May 19 (Mon), 6:00 pm
Political and Economic Aspects of Environmental Regulations
Jun 23 (Mon), 6:00 pm
Mapping Surface and Deep-Water Ocean Currents

The Sierra Club is a non-profit member-supported, public interest organization that promotes conservation of the natural environment by influencing public policy decisions--legislative, administrative, legal, and electoral.

When you join the Sierra Club in Monmouth County, New Jersey, you automatically become a member of the Jersey Shore Group.

Note that it is not necessary to be a member in order to make our acquaintance.

Shore Group Happenings:

We have had several cleanups with a coalition with Monmouth University, all the towns on the Whale Pond Brook watershed, and the N.J. Friends of Clearwater. Our goal is to clean up the watershed and educate local residents about the detrimental effects of lawn fertilizers and storm water run-off, and the importance of integrated pest management. We have held several hikes along part of the watershed and have shown the documentary film, A Chemical Reaction, hich chronicles the harmful effects of common lawn and garden pesticides and one town's fight to ban them.

Help Needed for Cleanups:

If you would like to participate in cleanups of our local waterways, please contact Laura Bagwell at In this vital effort, our Group joins forces with the Navesink Swimming River Group which, since 2002, has removed more than 20 tons of debris from our local banks and streams.

General Meetings:

The general meetings of NJF Clearwater and Sierra Club are hosted by Brookdale Community College Environmental Club to encourage BCC students to be involved in statewide and national debates on the importance of strong environmental regulations. At the Lincroft meeting, a cash buffet begins at 6:00 p.m. and Mr. Bacinski's presentation begins at 6:30 p.m.

To get to Brookdale, take Parkway Exit 109 to Route 520 West (Newman Springs Road, which becomes E. Main Street at the Lincroft campus). Take the traffic circle into the campus and follow the signs to the Warner Student Life Center (SLC), where the meeting will be in the Twin Lights 1 Room. Use parking lot 7. As you walk towards the building complex, Warner will be on your left. If lot 7 is full, use parking lots 5 or 6. A map is at BCC campus map

Come to our Next Meeting!

Monday, April 28 at 6:00 pm — Foodopoly - Discussion of the new book
Patty Lovera, Deputy Director of Food & Water Watch, will discuss the new book by F&WW Executive Director Wenonah Hauter,"Foodopoly," an exploration of the corporate food industry that produces 80 percent of the nation's food.

Hauter owns an organic farm as part of the growing Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) movement. Yet she believes that this movement isn't enough to solve America's food crisis and the public health debacle it has created, where 35 percent of all U.S. children and adults are obese. In Foodopoly, Hauter takes aim at the culprit: the control of food production by a handful of large corporations-backed by political clout-that prevents farmers from raising healthy crops and limits the choices people can make in the supermarket. Foodopoly explores the businesses behind the food that most Americans eat every day, including some of our favorite and most respected brands. Hauter also reveals how agricultural policy puts the interests of food processors - such as Cargill, Tyson, Kraft and ConAgra - above the needs of independent farmers. She argues that solving this crisis will require a complete structural shift-a change that is about politics, not just personal choice. As one reviewer put it, "In the various arms of the meat industry, in biotech, in vegetable production and even organics, extreme concentration of power in the hands of a few huge companies has enormous negative impact on the way we produce and consume food, at great cost to society, especially when we account for hidden costs in public health and environmental impacts." More Information.

Monday, May 19 at 6:00 pm — Political and Economic Aspects of Environmental Regulations
Bill Wolfe, director of the NJ Field Office of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), will discuss the political and economic reasons why New Jersey's enforcement of environmental regulations have suffered in the past decade.

Wolfe, who spent 13 years as a Policy Analyst and Planner with the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (1985-1995; 2002-2004), left the agency in 1995 after he publicly disclosed a memoranda between Governor Whitman and the DEP for not aggressively responding to scientific research documenting high levels of mercury in NJ freshwater fish. Bill then left DEP to become the Policy Director for Sierra Club's NJ Chapter from 1995-2002. Then in 2002, DEP Commissioner Bradley Campbell invited Bill to rejoin DEP and serve as the "conscience of the Agency." Wolf left the Agency in July 2004 to rejoin the NJ environmental community and joined PEER in 2005. PEER is a national non-profit alliance of local, state and federal scientists, law enforcement officers, land managers and other professionals dedicated to upholding environmental laws and values. PEER assists state and federal employees when they discover that regulations in the public interest are not being enforced by the appropriate regulatory agencies. More Information.

Monday, June 23 at 6:00 pm — Mapping Surface and Deep-Water Ocean Currents
Ethan M. Handel, Research Project Coordinator for Rutgers' Coastal Ocean Observation Lab, and his team members will discuss their work in using state-of-the-art radar systems and underwater drones to map the surface and deep-water currents of the world's oceans.

These currents have been compared to huge rivers or energy conveyor belts. Surface currents distribute warm water, one form of marine energy, while deep water currents distribute nutrients, another form of marine energy. The teams hope to capture the most complete picture yet of the oceans' many mysterious underwater movements - from deepwater currents to migrating fish. Rutgers manages both programs for NOAA. The drone program was described in November in the New York Times. More Information.

Need directions or more information? Call Dennis Anderson, 732-970-4327, or email and check upcoming meetings and other dates for your diary .

Previous years events

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Please join us as we forge ahead in our efforts to form a grassroots coalition of people who want to actively participate in helping to restore the beautiful resources of the Navevink/Swimming River and the Whale Pond Brook\Takanassee Lake watersheds. We'll be planning clean-ups, hikes, bike rides, efforts to educate the public on subjects such as the proper use of pesticides and fertilizers and the colorful history of the watersheds.

Get involved in an area that interests you, or make your own area......but please join us.

Contact: Faith Teitelbaum, 732-513-5445 - Jersey Shore Group - Conservation Chair


The Jersey Shore Group provides opportunities for the following types of activities:

  • assisting local agencies in ongoing conservation projects
  • working to influence environmental decisions at local, state and national levels
  • enjoying our environment through hiking, canoeing, camping etc

If you have questions of any sort, you can always contact our membership chair, Robert Grize:

New Jersey Sierra Club, 145 West Hanover St., Trenton, NJ 08618, USA

Sierra Club is a registered trademark.

Questions and comments about this web site may be sent to: George Newsome

For general questions about the Jersey Shore Group, contact the Group Membership Chair.

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